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Kitchen World Tour Day 73: Indonesia

Firstly, thank you for all the birthday wishes. I have been pretty slack not posting the last few weeks – I’ve been cooking just not posting. I’ve been using the time building a food blog which (you’re finally reading right now!). But using my birthday to start posting again, I decided to make a Tumpeng which is an Indonesian celebratory dish.

The centre of the Tumpeng is the cone of rice which I understand symbolises god. The cone is then surrounded with an assortment of dishes, and the king dish here was the Rendang.

A proper Rendang is a caramelised curry. It is cooked for about 12 hours on low heat to caramelise the coconut and spices. A truly exceptional dish.

Tonight’s meal consisted of:

  • Nasi Kuning (Yellow Festive Rice)
  • Rendang Daging (Slow Cooked Beef in Herb and Spices with Coconut Milk)
  • Perkedel (Deep Fried Mash Potatoes)
  • Mie Goreng Ultah (Fried Noodles with Quail Eggs)
  • Tahu Bacem (Deep Fried Tofu braised in Sweet Aromatic Herb)
  • Sambal Terasi (Chilli Paste Cooked wtih Shrimp Paste)
  • Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)
  • Saos Kacang pelengkap Sate Ayam (Peanut sauce to compliment the Chicken Satay)

A great birthday meal with great company!