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Potato cakes from Belarus

Turns out Belarus like potatoes. They even make a potato sausage. Belarus eats more potatoes per head than any other country in the world.

I decided on Draniki with a mushroom filling. Draniki are a potato pancake sometimes stuffed with meat or vegetables sometimes plain. Looking forward to trying out the potato sausage recipe some time in the near future!

Bajan Chicken Salad

Bajan chicken salad with a scotch bonnet and mango dressing.

I went for a lighter meal tonight. Chicken marinated in the Carribean’s favourite spice pimento. The salad was a mix of cucumbers, tomatoes and black beans.

Next up: The world’s potato capital, Belarus.

For this dinner I served:
Bangladeshi fish curry with daikon
Sheem Bhaji
Stuffed Chilli Fritters
Mango Pickle
Coriander Chutney and Naan Bread

Bangladesh (or Bengal, Bangladesh literally means the country of Bengal) is the basis of most Indian food you have eaten in Indian restaurants in Australia. Most Indian food in local restaurants is actually a British version of Bangladeshi cuisine and not actually Indian.

This dinner was a hit. Busting with so many flavours. I love this style of cooking 🙂

Chebeh Rubyan

Main: Chebeh Rubyan
Dessert: Halwa

Chebeh Rubyan are spicy prawns balls. The prawns are mashed into a paste in a blender with turmeric, rice flour and coriander and then formed into balls stuffed with spicy onion and cooked in a tamarind sauce. I loved it, Kas who hates prawns said it tasted to much like prawns ha ha 🙂

Halwa is sort of like turkish delight on steroids. Not to be confused with European Halva, it has saffron, cardamon, nutmeg, browned butter, and lots of different nuts. Kas loved this one and went back for seconds.

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