Kitchen World Tour: Ecuador

Carne Colorada, Llapingachos and Curtido

This dish was an absolute winner and has played a big role in starting to cement Annatto as one of my new favourite spices.

Carne Colorado was eye fillet marinated for 24 hours in Annatto and a bunch of other spices. This gives it a distinctive colour and flavour.

Llapingachos are cheese stuffed potato patties served with a spicy peanut sauce. The potato is also seasoned with Annatto giving it a yellowish colour.

Curtido is onion and tomato salsa. The onion is first salted and left for about half an hour. The salt pulls a lot of the moisture out of the onion and renders it in a softer half cooked state. Great way to treat onions.

This dish is an absolute winner.

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