Kitchen World Tour: Costa Rica

Costa Rican Tacos with Gallo Pinto, Lizano Salsa, Chicarrones and Chilera.

Went a little bit nuts with this dish, so much food but worth it.

Costa Rican Tacos are tortillas filled, rolled and deep fried, then covered in cabbage, salsa and mayonnaise. Chicarrones are deep fried pork skin with spices basically puffy crackling.

Gallo Pinto is pretty much the national dish of Costa Rica, black beans and rice. Gallo Pinto is eaten with almost every meal including breakfast.

Lastly Lizano is a hot sauce used like tomato sauce, and Chilera are spicy pickled vegetables. I used Habanero chillis in the Chilera so it had a tonne of kick.

Next up: Croatia.