Kitchen World Tour: Congo-Brazzaville

Liboke de poisson (Fish in Banana Leaves), Fumbwa and Fufu

If you have never cooked in banana leaves you should give it a go. It imparts an amazing taste to whatever is in it. In Congo they usually use freshwater fish for this dish but I used saltwater.

Fumbwa is a Congoese wild spinach stew. After a lot of research I discovered it is almost the same as Red Sorrel so that is what I used.

Fufu is a starchy porridge, made from various starchy ingredients. Cassava, Yams, Maize, Plantains are all used to make it. Basically Fufu to Africa is what mashed potatoes is to us. To eat your meal you are supposed to break off bits of the Fufu, flatten it out and use it to pick up your stew instead of using cutlery.