Kitchen World Tour: Burundi

Red Beans and Bananas with Kachumbari and East African Chapati

Was pretty excited to try Burundi and it didn’t let me down. Burundi is a landlocked East African country, one of the poorest countries in the world. The average income in Burundi is about AUD$500 per year. So I really wanted to cook something which could be afforded by all Burundians not just a select few.

Red Beans and Bananas is an incredibly cheap and simple meal. Soaked kidney beans, onions, green bananas, chilli boiled in a stock.

Kachumbari an African slaw that is so simple and so delicious. Onions, tomatoes, cucumber, coriander and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Moving to the Chapati. I have to confess I am bit of a flatbread geek. I have been making my own naans, rotis and chapatis for years. I love making fresh flatbread.

East African Chapati is very different to Indian Chapati. It has a lot of oil in the mix, it is rolled out, covered in oil, rolled up, spiralled and rolled out again. The effect of doing this is the finished flatbread has about 6 paper thin layers inside it. It is flaky and amazing. I will be making this flatbread many times again.

Total cost of dinner was approximately $4 to feed 3 people with leftovers. Although the leftovers all disappeared throughout the night, not sure what happened there.