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2 Litres unhomogenised milk
3 Tbsp lemon juice
(Cheesecloth for straining)

Very important, homogenisation breaks up the fat molecules and they don’t curdle so you need to buy unhomogenised milk specifically. I have found that a 2L bottle of milk will give you about 500g of paneer.

Put the milk on to boil. While heating prepare a cheese cloth over a colander (placed over the sink) to drain the whey.

When the milk is just boiling add about 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Add them a table spoon at a time and stop when it starts curdling. If it doesn’t curdle add more. The PH of the lemon and milk differs so this will be different amounts each time. The trick is to add acid till the curdling starts and then add no more.

Once it starts curdling turn off the heat and let it sit for about 3 minutes before tipping into the cheese cloth.

Wring and twist the cloth to extract as much moisture as you can and then put it under a weight. You can see from the picture I just used a saucepan with a few litres of water in it.

After a few hours remove the weight and put the cheese mixture in the fridge. Make sure you refrigerate it for a few hours before use as it helps it bind.

It is a very simple process and I have found that the hardest part is finding a source of unhomogenised milk.

So I decided to get myself a mincer so I could make sausages. Been seeing a lot of interesting sausage recipes researching the Kitchen World Tour and decided I should make some.

Kas bought me a Lenoxx brand Health Choice mincer which arrived a couple of days ago (she bought it at Harris Scarfe but it’s no longer available there).

So I made my first sausage the other night. It is Lukanici sausage from Croatia containing pork, leek, garlic and lots of hot paprika. I bought the sausage casings from the local butcher for a few dollars. After curing it for 48 hours I had no time last night to cook so the girls ended up cooking and serving it. The whole family was well impressed, realise now how bad the quality of the meat in store bought sausages is, even a lot of gourmet ones.

I am now planning on converting our old fridge into a cold smoker so I can cure salami, chorizos and make Kielbasa.