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Vepřo knedlo zelo is roasted pork served with bread dumplings called Houskový Knedlík, and cooked sauerkraut called Dušené Kyselé Zelí. We used a pork loin for super tenderness. The bread dumplings are rolled into small logs, boiled and then cut for serving.

The sauerkraut was the most surprising. Never thought of cooking it before, simply just eaten it raw. It is gently boiled which takes away alot of the bitterness of the preserving liquid and then sauted onion, bacon, caraway seeds are added. The result was surprisingly good.

Entree: Cuban Shrimp Coconut Sofrito

Main: Mojo Chicken with Citrus Avocado Salsa

Dessert: Arroz Con Leche

Went all out with Cuba, such flavourful cuisine. The prawns were simply amazing – will definitely be doing those again. The Mojo marinade on the chicken was really unique. It is a heavy citrus marinade and makes for a really tangy dish.

The main was served with black beans, fired bananas and we enjoyed Mojitos to finish off the experience.

Next Up: Cyprus

Day 40 on the Kitchen World Tour. Cevapi and Ajvar for main course, and Krostule for dessert.

Been a bit slack on the kitchen tour front. Time for a bit of a catch up.

For Croatia we have Cevapi, skinless sausages char grilled and served with Ajvar which is an eastern European relish made from eggplant and capsicums. I served these on flatbread with pickled peppers and a yoghurt dressing.

Krostule are sweet vanilla pastries that are deep fried. These are well known across parts of Europe, sometimes under other names such as Crostoli, Faworki and Chrusciki, and disappear as soon as they are served. Delish.

Next Up: Cuba

So I decided to get myself a mincer so I could make sausages. Been seeing a lot of interesting sausage recipes researching the Kitchen World Tour and decided I should make some.

Kas bought me a Lenoxx brand Health Choice mincer which arrived a couple of days ago (she bought it at Harris Scarfe but it’s no longer available there).

So I made my first sausage the other night. It is Lukanici sausage from Croatia containing pork, leek, garlic and lots of hot paprika. I bought the sausage casings from the local butcher for a few dollars. After curing it for 48 hours I had no time last night to cook so the girls ended up cooking and serving it. The whole family was well impressed, realise now how bad the quality of the meat in store bought sausages is, even a lot of gourmet ones.

I am now planning on converting our old fridge into a cold smoker so I can cure salami, chorizos and make Kielbasa.

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