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For this traditional meal I went with empanadas with chimichurri, accompanied by roast tomato and pepper dipping sauces, and hearts of palm salad.

Chevelle thought this was the best one yet. Everyone loved this meal.

Hearts of Palm Salad

Antiguan Jerk Chicken

Antiguan jerk chicken with spicy mango and avocado salsa and grilled pineapple, followed by a dessert of bananas baked in brown sugar and rum.

I have made Jamaican jerk chicken before but the Antiguan recipe has turned out to be very different. Jamaican is barbecued over smoke, Antiguan is slow cooked and pulled. Turned out quite different, too spicy for Chevelle but Kas and I loved it.

Antiguan Jerk Chicken
Spicy Mango and Avocado Salad
Baked Brown Sugar Bananas

Baked brown sugar bananas
Angolan cuisine

Tonight’s recipe is Muamba de Galinha with Funge and barbecued bananas.

A visit to west Africa. This cuisine has three key ingredients: red palm oil, cassava flour and okra. I was not able to find red palm oil anywhere. This is vastly different from normal palm oil which is the all trans fat and in 50% of all processed goods in the western world. I searched in Canberra and the NSW south coast with no luck. After a lot of reading I discovered a very good substitute is annatto oil with a little paprika. Lucky I had annatto seeds in the pantry so I was able to make this substitute with only two tries.

Next up was the funge made from cassava flour. Tapioca flour is also made from cassava but it is very different so should not be used to make funge. Funge is this crazy thick porridge made from cassava flour and boiling water. It is served with almost every Angolian meal like rice or mashed potatoes. It is a little crazy to make. You need to beat the crap out of it to get the lumps out. Kas took a video of me making it when I thought I was going to have to start again. Luckily it came good.

The meal was a sensation. We all absolutely loved it. The flavour and texture profiles where so new and unique. I consider tonight’s effort a win after a few days trying to work out how I could achieve it.

Angolan Muamba Chicken

Next up: Antigua and Barbuda!

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