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Carne Colorada, Llapingachos and Curtido

This dish was an absolute winner and has played a big role in starting to cement Annatto as one of my new favourite spices.

Carne Colorado was eye fillet marinated for 24 hours in Annatto and a bunch of other spices. This gives it a distinctive colour and flavour.

Llapingachos are cheese stuffed potato patties served with a spicy peanut sauce. The potato is also seasoned with Annatto giving it a yellowish colour.

Curtido is onion and tomato salsa. The onion is first salted and left for about half an hour. The salt pulls a lot of the moisture out of the onion and renders it in a softer half cooked state. Great way to treat onions.

This dish is an absolute winner.

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Entree: Cuban Shrimp Coconut Sofrito

Main: Mojo Chicken with Citrus Avocado Salsa

Dessert: Arroz Con Leche

Went all out with Cuba, such flavourful cuisine. The prawns were simply amazing – will definitely be doing those again. The Mojo marinade on the chicken was really unique. It is a heavy citrus marinade and makes for a really tangy dish.

The main was served with black beans, fired bananas and we enjoyed Mojitos to finish off the experience.

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Tonight’s meal is Ajiaco Colombiano (Colombian Chicken and Potato Soup) with Aji and fresh Sour Dough

I woke up to a rainy day and decided to go for some comfort food for dinner. Ajiaco totally fitted the bill. It is a thick potato and chicken soup, with whole corn, garnished with sour cream, avocados, capers and a salsa called Aji.

The soup also relies on a special ingredient: Gacuas or quickweed. I was suprised to find some in my spice drawers as I have a habit of buying every herb and spice I have never seen before and then forgetting that I have it. So I must have bought it a while ago.

Gacaus imparts a taste different to anything I have ever tasted before. The taste of this soup is amazing and so very unique. If you can find Gacaus give it a go or maybe have a bowl next time you are in Bogota.

Also decided to test out the new sour dough starter I am making. Thought it was ready and it worked a treat. Perfect partner for the soup.

World Kitchen Tour Day 34: Chile

Entree: Cheviche

Main: Pork Belly Asado, Pedre Salsa and Sopaiillas

Cheviche is fresh fish cooked by adding lime/lemon juice. The acid cooks the fish. Chilean Cheviche is different to Peruvian cheviche, and it has less ingredients. Peruvian cheviche usually has extra things like sweet potato and corn, whilst the Chilean version just has some coriander, onion, chilli and capsicum. I love cheviche.

The Asado Marinated Pork Belly is a Chilean BBQ. This dish was made from pork belly marinated for a day in vinegear and spices, then slow cooked for three hours.

Chilean Sopaipillas are a pumpkin donut containing pumpkin, flour and salt that are deep fried. They can be used as a savoury or a sweet dish in Chile. It depends on what you serve them with.

I served a Chilean Salsa with the BBQ.

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Chilean Pork Belly Asado (BBQ)
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