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Kitchen World Tour Day 44 and first of the D’s: Denmark

Tonight I served Frikadeller and Sukkerroer Salad

Frikadeller are Danish pork meatballs, which are customarily served with a creamy gravy and beetroot salad. The Sukkerroer (beetroot) salad had heaps of horseradish so packed a lovely kick.

Next up: Djibouti

Cypriot Meze: Hummus, Tzatziki, Marinated Olives, Sesame Bread sticks, Butter Beans in Tomato Sauce, Lamb Souvlaki, Cypriot Village Salad and of course Grilled Haloumi.

Been letting myself fall behind with my posts. Cooked the first E country last night and still posting C’s. Kas has kicked me in the arse this arvo to catch up.

Tonight we enjoyed a fantastic platter of Mediterranean foods and of course Haloumi which originates from Cyprus. Anyone that hasn’t made their own Hummus and Tzatziki must try it sometime. Really simple and so much better than anything store bought.

Next Up: Czechia (the new name of the Czech Republic)

Vepřo knedlo zelo is roasted pork served with bread dumplings called Houskový Knedlík, and cooked sauerkraut called Dušené Kyselé Zelí. We used a pork loin for super tenderness. The bread dumplings are rolled into small logs, boiled and then cut for serving.

The sauerkraut was the most surprising. Never thought of cooking it before, simply just eaten it raw. It is gently boiled which takes away alot of the bitterness of the preserving liquid and then sauted onion, bacon, caraway seeds are added. The result was surprisingly good.

Entree: Cuban Shrimp Coconut Sofrito

Main: Mojo Chicken with Citrus Avocado Salsa

Dessert: Arroz Con Leche

Went all out with Cuba, such flavourful cuisine. The prawns were simply amazing – will definitely be doing those again. The Mojo marinade on the chicken was really unique. It is a heavy citrus marinade and makes for a really tangy dish.

The main was served with black beans, fired bananas and we enjoyed Mojitos to finish off the experience.

Next Up: Cyprus

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