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Day 4: Chicken cunillo and fire grilled spring onions.

Andorra is a tiny country at the top of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. It was difficult to find something uniquely Andorrian as I had no access to ingredients like mountain dandelions. Overall, the meal was a little disappointing. It did not have the amazing flavour profiles of the previous meals however the chargrilled spring onions were a revelation. You peel off the outer layer and the sweet moist centre is amazing.

The recipe I used for this meal was Andorran Chicken Cunillo

Next up (and I’m excited for West Africa!): Angola.

Day 3. For this meal I went with Chakchouka and Kesra, the Algerian Semolina Bread. While chakchouka is typically eaten as a breakfast, Kas (my wife) and I were after a lighter dinner and decided to give it a go. The flavour profile was amazing. I added to the recipe published here with some Harissa and capers to give it a little more kick.


Kesra Bread

Next up: the tiny country of Andorra.

Day 2 of the kitchen world tour features Albania’s Tavë Kosi served with a Mediterranean salad and bread. This was such an impressive dish from such simple ingredients. Baked lamb in yoghurt, I found it be sort of a cross between a lamb stew and a souffle. Absolutely delish. I used the following recipe:

Next up: Algeria.

So I have set myself a new challenge for the 2020. A kitchen world trip, the idea being to cook a dish from each of the 194 nations.

Day 1 – Afghan Lawang, which is a turmeric braised chicken in yoghurt, and Dal with pita, traditional lentils cooked in broth served with pita bread.

Next up: Albania.

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