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Chebeh Rubyan

Main: Chebeh Rubyan
Dessert: Halwa

Chebeh Rubyan are spicy prawns balls. The prawns are mashed into a paste in a blender with turmeric, rice flour and coriander and then formed into balls stuffed with spicy onion and cooked in a tamarind sauce. I loved it, Kas who hates prawns said it tasted to much like prawns ha ha 🙂

Halwa is sort of like turkish delight on steroids. Not to be confused with European Halva, it has saffron, cardamon, nutmeg, browned butter, and lots of different nuts. Kas loved this one and went back for seconds.

Day 11 on my tour features Chicken Souse accompanied by Johnny Cake from the Bahamas.

The Caribbean countries all seem to have variations of the same dishes as for their cuisine. This Souse was really interesting. Whole pimento and scotch bonnet chillis gave it a similar taste to jerk chicken.

The Johnny Cake is a simple bread a little like a damper but sweeter and richer due to sugar and butter.

Chicken Pilaf

Khan Plov served with Dolimades and Sumac Salad.

There are hundreds of versions of Plov in Azerbaijan. This recipe is a mash of a few I found. Made from a little chicken, saffron rice, nuts and dried fruits with spices. Baked into a crust of flatbread.

Chicken Pilaf in Lavash Crust

Finished the A’s and now moving onto the B’s.

Kasnocken noodles

Main course: Kasnocken
Dessert: Apfelstrudel

Kasnocken is made from Spaetzle, a little homemade pasta which is cooked a bit like a gnocchi. You make the dough, push it through a ricer into hot water and it is done when it floats. This was then cooked in a caramelised onion and gruyère cheese sauce. Really unusual but really nice.

The Apfelstrudel or apple strudel was great. First time I have ever made filo pastry by hand. You roll it out and hand stretch it until it you can see though it. I ended up with a little tear in it but it was not an issue once it is rolled.
Great meal this one was a win for sure.

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