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Bajan Chicken Salad

Bajan chicken salad with a scotch bonnet and mango dressing.

I went for a lighter meal tonight. Chicken marinated in the Carribean’s favourite spice pimento. The salad was a mix of cucumbers, tomatoes and black beans.

Next up: The world’s potato capital, Belarus.

Day 11 on my tour features Chicken Souse accompanied by Johnny Cake from the Bahamas.

The Caribbean countries all seem to have variations of the same dishes as for their cuisine. This Souse was really interesting. Whole pimento and scotch bonnet chillis gave it a similar taste to jerk chicken.

The Johnny Cake is a simple bread a little like a damper but sweeter and richer due to sugar and butter.

Antiguan Jerk Chicken

Antiguan jerk chicken with spicy mango and avocado salsa and grilled pineapple, followed by a dessert of bananas baked in brown sugar and rum.

I have made Jamaican jerk chicken before but the Antiguan recipe has turned out to be very different. Jamaican is barbecued over smoke, Antiguan is slow cooked and pulled. Turned out quite different, too spicy for Chevelle but Kas and I loved it.

Antiguan Jerk Chicken
Spicy Mango and Avocado Salad
Baked Brown Sugar Bananas

Baked brown sugar bananas
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