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Day 46 of my challenge: Dominica

Tonight I cooked Calypso Chicken. I am making a concerted effort to catch up on my posts and get back to posting daily.

Dominica is a tiny island in the Caribbean with a population about the same as the town of Rockhampton QLD. Dominica is the home of Calypso music and so it seemed fitting to cook Calypso Chicken.

The Calypso Chicken recipe was awesome. Slow cooked onions and mushrooms in the vinegary, spicy sauce filled with cashew nuts. It is a recipe I had heard about but have never cooked.

Next Up: The Dominican Republic

Costa Rican Tacos with Gallo Pinto, Lizano Salsa, Chicarrones and Chilera.

Went a little bit nuts with this dish, so much food but worth it.

Costa Rican Tacos are tortillas filled, rolled and deep fried, then covered in cabbage, salsa and mayonnaise. Chicarrones are deep fried pork skin with spices basically puffy crackling.

Gallo Pinto is pretty much the national dish of Costa Rica, black beans and rice. Gallo Pinto is eaten with almost every meal including breakfast.

Lastly Lizano is a hot sauce used like tomato sauce, and Chilera are spicy pickled vegetables. I used Habanero chillis in the Chilera so it had a tonne of kick.

Next up: Croatia.

Main: Maple glazed chicken wings accompanied by a blue cheese sauce, with Poutine.

Dessert: Maple pancakes with blueberries and crispy bacon.

Canada was quite a challenge. Decided to go with the Canadian unofficial national dish Poutine, chips, cheese curds and gravy.

Got up early to make the curds. To make curds you need unhomogenised milk and an acid like lemon juice, vinegar or a rennet. Heat the milk to close to 95 degrees Celsius, drop in the acid and you have curds, which are actually the first step in making any cheese.

The gravy was also a challenge. If you read recipes online some people say use an instant gravy. I believe a gravy is a thing that takes time and instant gravy is not thing that should exist. The gravy for this was made by caramelising some onions and garlic, adding fresh rosemary, mushrooms and thyme. Add some Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste, and cook it down for a few hours. Then you can thicken it with butter and flour at the end.

Blueberry Bacon Pancakes. Every mouthful satisfies, while somehow making you feel that it is so very wrong (bacon + sugar). The Maple Chicken Wings with a Blue Cheese Sauce were devine.

All in all this was a sensational meal but if I ate like this regularly I would already have passed onto the next life.

Next up: Cape Verde

Belizean Stewed Chicken and Rice and Beans

This is made using a spice mix called Red Ricardo containing annatto seeds. The seeds need to be soaked for a day or more to make them soft enough to blitz into a paste.

I had an added challenge of making the Belizean Stew with rice and beans in our campsite on the weekend for about 10 people, but it turned out really nice. A bunch of friends went back for seconds which is a good sign.

Going to take the rest of the week off from the challenge and resume next week. Not going to be home much and that is making cooking a little challenging 🙂

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