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Kasnocken noodles

Main course: Kasnocken
Dessert: Apfelstrudel

Kasnocken is made from Spaetzle, a little homemade pasta which is cooked a bit like a gnocchi. You make the dough, push it through a ricer into hot water and it is done when it floats. This was then cooked in a caramelised onion and gruyère cheese sauce. Really unusual but really nice.

The Apfelstrudel or apple strudel was great. First time I have ever made filo pastry by hand. You roll it out and hand stretch it until it you can see though it. I ended up with a little tear in it but it was not an issue once it is rolled.
Great meal this one was a win for sure.

Day 4: Chicken cunillo and fire grilled spring onions.

Andorra is a tiny country at the top of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. It was difficult to find something uniquely Andorrian as I had no access to ingredients like mountain dandelions. Overall, the meal was a little disappointing. It did not have the amazing flavour profiles of the previous meals however the chargrilled spring onions were a revelation. You peel off the outer layer and the sweet moist centre is amazing.

The recipe I used for this meal was Andorran Chicken Cunillo

Next up (and I’m excited for West Africa!): Angola.

Day 2 of the kitchen world tour features Albania’s Tavë Kosi served with a Mediterranean salad and bread. This was such an impressive dish from such simple ingredients. Baked lamb in yoghurt, I found it be sort of a cross between a lamb stew and a souffle. Absolutely delish. I used the following recipe:

Next up: Algeria.

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