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Kitchen World Tour Day 25: Bulgaria! Today I served Sarmi and Shopska Salad.

Sarmi are cabbage rolls stuffed with a meat mix, boiled in a stock. Definitely eastern European fair. Nice but probably 3 out of 5 for me, as I prefer more spice in my food. My eastern European wife was much more impressed. The Sarmi were accompanied by Bulgarian Shopska Salad.

We are entering a week of African countries. Next up: Burkina Faso

Main: Burek and Feta Salad

Desert: Tufahije

Burek is the Bosnian version of a meat pie. It involved layers of filo pastry which gave me a chance to reuse the skills I learned cooking Austrian studel. No idea why I thought making filo from scratch was so intimidating as I’ve really started enjoying it. The meat and potato filling is rolled in layers of paper thin pastry.

I decided to do a dessert tonight as well, and Tufahije was the bomb. Apples stuffed with walnuts and cooked in a vanilla sugar syrup. Devine!

Next up: Botswana

Cannibal Toast

Main: Toast Kannibaal
Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet

Toast Kannibaal or Cannibal Toast is a steak tartare served on toast with pickled accompaniments. Couldn’t resist the name to be honest and it is quite a different thing to what we would try in Australia, so I decided to give it a go. Kas and I both really enjoyed it.

Dessert was nice but technically a failure. I made the sorbet to go with Brussels waffles but the day got away from me and did not get the dough ready on time to ferment. Sorbet with vanilla ice cream was the recovery.

Potato cakes from Belarus

Turns out Belarus like potatoes. They even make a potato sausage. Belarus eats more potatoes per head than any other country in the world.

I decided on Draniki with a mushroom filling. Draniki are a potato pancake sometimes stuffed with meat or vegetables sometimes plain. Looking forward to trying out the potato sausage recipe some time in the near future!

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