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Day 28: Chicken Amok, Khmer Pickled Vegetable Salad and Jasmine Rice

This dish is simply WOW. The best thing I have made so far from the 27 countries I have cooked. The flavour profile is spectacular.

If anyone feels like trying any of the recipes I have cooked so far, this is the one you should try. Even if you are vegan I highly recommend it. To create a vegan version I would suggest replacing the chicken with sweet potato and you are good to go. Can’t recommend this meal highly enough.

Cambodian Chicken Amok

Khmer Pickled Vegetable Salad

Next Up: Cameroon

Main: Nasi Lemak
Dessert: Mango with Sticky Rice

Nasi Lemak is an ethnic Malay favourite, with Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore all laying claim to its origin. Spicy anchovy sambal with Crispy Fried Turmeric Chicken and Coconut Rice, served on banana leaves. With a lack of fresh banana leaves in supermarkets, I’ve started harvesting banana leaves myself. Firstly at neighbours’ places but now from trees growing in (semi) public areas.

I used this Mango with Sticky Rice recipe for dessert.

Next Up: Bulgaria.

Ema Datshi and Rice.

Ema means chilli, Datshi means cheese. Ema Datshi is literally chilli and cheese.

They usually make this with an absolute ton of chillis, I substituted some capsicum into it to make it edible for Chevelle. The cheese is usually Yak’s cheese but after alot of reading I discovered a mix of Gruyere, Colby and Feta makes a fair substitute in terms of flavour and texture.

Great dish but possibly the strangest one so far.

For this dinner I served:
Bangladeshi fish curry with daikon
Sheem Bhaji
Stuffed Chilli Fritters
Mango Pickle
Coriander Chutney and Naan Bread

Bangladesh (or Bengal, Bangladesh literally means the country of Bengal) is the basis of most Indian food you have eaten in Indian restaurants in Australia. Most Indian food in local restaurants is actually a British version of Bangladeshi cuisine and not actually Indian.

This dinner was a hit. Busting with so many flavours. I love this style of cooking 🙂

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