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Kitchen World Tour Day 75: Iraq

Tonight I served Kubba Hallab with Amba, Labneh and Fattoush

There are lots of types of Kubba in the middle east. Kubba Hallab is mashed rice dumplings filled with minced lamb or beef. It is then deep fried. This was served with Amba, an Iraqi mango pickle.

If you haven’t made labneh before you should. A really simple cheese. Add salt to yogurt and let drain through a cheese cloth. You need 12 hours for soft Labneh, 48 hours for hard Labneh. I prefer this cheese to be served hard and shaped into balls as an accompaniment to the meal.

Lastly Fattoush Salad, salad with pita bread chips, and the secret ingredient if you can find it is pomegranate molasses. It is sweet and sour, and adds something special to the dressing.

Next Up: Ireland