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Equatorial Guinea

Chicken in Peanut Sauce, Hot Curried Okra and Mashed Yuca

So I finally got my hands on some genuine Red Palm Oil. Red Palm Oil is an ingredient which is fundamental to the cuisine of West Africa. It is used in everything like olive oil is used in Italy.

It is bright red and has a really distinctive taste. It is made from cold crushing the red fruit of the African palm tree. It is quite different from the high trans fat white palm oil (or palm kernel oil). White palm oil is extracted from the high yield seed of the same plant and is not very healthy.
So in West African tradition the oil went into the whole meal, all 3 dishes.

The meal was very spicy as Equatorial Guinea likes to put Habanero chillies in everything. Very flavoursome but they are seriously hot. I have found putting the whole chilli into the dish with a small cut in the side is enough to impart the flavour and some heat without making it inedible and hot. Simply fish out and dispose the whole chilli before serving.

Africa is fast becoming a favourite as I learn more about its cooking. Next Up: Eritrea