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Main: Lamb Stew and Koshari

Dessert: Om Ali

So Egypt marks the first quarter mark: 49 out of 196 countries.

The main was a bit blander than I expected. The stew is like a Morrocan Tagine but with a little less flavour. The Koshari which is the national dish is a mix of rice, lentils and pasta topped with a spicy tomato sauce and crispy onions.

The dessert was amazing. Om Ali is an Egyptian bread pudding which supposedly dates back to the middle of the 12th century.

According to folklore, this dessert pudding was named after the wife of a ruler from the Ayyubid dynasty in Egypt. Her rival Shagaret El Dorr became the second wife. However, after his death, in a fit of pique over a dispute about whose son would succeed the Sultan, Shagaret El Dorr arranged for Om Ali to be murdered by bribing her maids. When Om Ali went to the hammam, she was beaten to death by her own handmaidens, allegedly with her own slippers!

Nastily, to celebrate the death of the poor woman, Shagaret requested her cooks to come up with the most delicious dessert they could create and distribute throughout Egypt. The chosen recipe became a national dish.

Tasted great but.

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