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Mchuzi wa Biringani, Salade Du TChad with Kisra Bread.

Chad another poor central African country that totally delivered.

Kisra is a local fermented flatbread made from millet flour, I used finger millet which is grown extensively in Chad and gives it the nice dark colour. It is also very popular in Sudan but they make it from sorghum instead. It is a lot like injera bread from Ethiopia if you have ever had the chance to visit an Ethiopian restaurant. It is an unusual bread as it is leavened by the natural yeast in the fermented flour a bit like sour dough and has a rubbery texture and a sour dough like taste.

Mchuzi wa Biringani is a simple eggplant stew. Salade Du Tchad is a salad made from banana, cucumbers, chillis, raisins and rice. The honey lemon dressing in the salad really cuts through the stew and balances everything.

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