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Kitchen World Tour Day 52: Eritrea

Doro Wat, Tsebhi Birsen, Coconut Cucumber and Lime salsa on Injera.

I’ve been a bit quiet in the kitchen so it’s time to get back into it. Eritrea is a small east African country on the horn of Africa. The cuisine is very similar to Ethiopia.

The Doro Wat is a chicken stew. It has a crazy amount of onions caramalised for a few hours, then berbere and chicken are added.

Tsebhi Birsen is a very spicy red lentil stew. This was served on Injera bread made from white Teff (flour) and accompanied with a coconut cucumber salsa which acts as cooling agent for the very spicy food.

I’m excited my Injera bread skills are coming along. Injera is fermented for five days before cooking. I have found that adding some sour dough starter to the Teff flour really kicks the fermenting into top gear quickly.

Next up: Estonia